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Carin Klonowski (1989, Nice) is an artist, researcher and curator graduated from the European School of Visual Arts of Angoulême (2012). She was a researcher at Paris Diderot University in aesthetics between 2013 and 2016, and she is now part of the research program of the ESACM art school in Clermont-Ferrand.

Through installation, video and performance, all used in an interdependent manner, her work is articulated around notions of writing, fiction, embodiment and display. The written word alwayshas a central role: the objects contain and embody the texts, the performances echo, enlighten or animate them. and the installations give them context. They draw from various aesthetic fields and mediums, from romantic painting to video games, from textile to printing techniques, light works and augmented ready-mades.

Her experimental and theoretical practice allows her to investigate our relationship with obsolescent technologies and with the idea of error. Focusing on the displays which broadcast and produce images, I perceive them materially and study their lifespan – from their production to their decay. Thus, she seeks their potential to still produce visual information and meaning. Paying attention to that which is obsolete, to that which is no longer, and questioning feelings of nostalgia and melancholy in the digital age, her goal is to produce  a sensitive and critical exploration of a world in which media and interfaces are no longer considered separately from their environment, from living and non-living things.

She thinks of her installations as “depictions of nothingness”, creating spaces in which the spectator is immersed in void and latency, waiting to be activated. She considers and manipulate the physicality of digital interfaces, pursuing their ghosts and reinvesting their remains.

Her work is part of public collections, and has been shown in institutions, art galleries, independant spaces and run-spaces in France and internationally. She also did research and creation residencies. Recently, she concluded a year of research at Glassbox with the exhibition
Blackscreen_Issues_Sleeping_Displays and the presentation of a work at the FRAC île-de-France, and took part in the show  Sans Objet
on the online space of the Centre Pompidou.

She was invited to present her researches in symposiums, at the Sorbonne University and recently at Le Fresnoy. Carin Klonowski also writes essays and reviews for artistic press (La Belle Revue) and for exhibitions (Confort Moderne, Vortex, Julio runspace).

Carin Klonowski takes also part in various collaborations with artists, researchers and musicians, and in collectives like the curatorial collective Syndicat Magnifique, the publishing collective sun7 and the research collectives Constallationss et WMAN.